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Mobile App Portfolio

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Farm Futures

The second in a series of mobile applications for Farm Progress, but different from a farmer utility app in that it delived Farm Progress content directly to mobile devices.

The Farm Futures app is feature packed with all the news, blogs, quotes and audio commentary you would get on the website, conveniently delivered to your mobile phone. The applications quotes section allows you to store favorites and change your futures quotes preferences to your specific interests.

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Revalor® Cattle Implant Planner

A completely new type of application for us at the time of release. Since then we've found Ag utilities to be one of our specialty niches.

The app is targeted towards those that use the Revalor® brand in cattle maintenance. The app allows the user to change a set of variables to find the exact dates needed for injection. The utility is useful for beef producers and now conveniently located on their mobile device. The mobile application is a first of its kind in the cattle industry.

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Beef Producer

Another in a series of apps for Farm Porgress the application is dedicated to the newly launched Beef Producer website with a niche market news in beef agriculture. The mobile app includes news, quotes and commentary specifically tailored to the beef industry.

The niche applications are very important in an increasingly specialized world. Beef producers can now get the news they need quicker and with less hassle.

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Growing Degree Days

Our first native mobile application and quite a learning experience. At first, a simple app but had showed us a lot through the entire process of building and publishing a mobile application. The app provided local data by location for the growing degree days or growing days based on data, an important metric in agri-business production.

The app while amazingly simple has been developed to include more advanced features that users have stated are quite helpful. We've added advanced national and regional radar settings for weather so you can see whats going on near your plot of land no matter where you are in the country. The core feature, growing degree days has been fine-tuned and is more accurate now than ever.

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There's Always More

This mobile portfolio page is a just a sampling of entire body of work. While we have other apps in our library we can't possibly list them all here. If you would like to see a more comprehensive list head over to the iTunes App Store or the Android Market.

Coming Soon...

The mobile product pipeline at iNet Solutions includes iPad and Blackberry applications that will be released soon. We're always working on new mobile applications, come back and see what we've built.

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